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Level 1 - Sabbath School Curriculum

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Unit 1: Plan of Salvation, Fall Festivals
Week 1: Overview - God's Holy Days
Week 2: Feast of Trumpets
Week 3: Day of Atonement
Week 4: Feast of Tabernacles/Last Great Day

Unit 2: Learning About God
Week 1: God Is Omnipotent
Week 2: God Answers Our Prayers
Week 3: We Talk to God When We Pray
Week 4: God's House

Unit 3: Creation
Week 1: The Days of Creation
Week 2: Adam Names the Animals
Week 3: Clean and Unclean Meats
Week 4: The Sabbath Day

Unit 4: God's Laws
Week 1: Moses and the Ten Commandments
Week 2: God Saves His People
Week 3: The Fourth Commandment
Week 4: The Ninth Commandment

Unit 5: Jesus Christ
Week 1: Young Jesus in the Temple
Week 2: Jesus Christ - Wedding at Cana
Week 3: The Parable of the Lost Sheep
Week 4: God Provides For Us

Unit 6: Lessons from the Old Testament
Week 1: Two Boys, a Birthright and a Blessing
Week 2: Jacob's Dream
Week 3: Jacob. Leah, Rachael and Laban
Week 4: Jacob, Esau and Forgiveness

Unit 7: Lessons from the New Testament
Week 1: The Widows Mite
Week 2: Stephen Forgives
Week 3: The Good Samaritan
Week 4: Anna and Simeon

Unit 8: Plan of Salvation: Spring Festivals
Week 1: God's Spring Holy Days and Special Times
Week 2: New Testament Passover Service
Week 3: Unleavened Bread
Week 4: Pentecost - Holy Spirit

Unit 9: Fruits of the Holy Spirit
Week 1: Love
Week 2: Goodness
Week 3: Patience
Week 4: Samson and Self Control

Unit 10: Teachings of Jesus Christ
Week 1: A Very Special Mother
Week 2: Friendship
Week 3: Settling Arguments
Week 4: Daniel in the Lion's Den