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Statement About the Death of Sheryl Meredith - November 30, 2013

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“It is with sadness that the Council of Elders, the staff and members of the United Church of God note the death of Sheryl Meredith, the long-time wife and spiritual partner of Roderick C. Meredith,” said Victor Kubik, president of the United Church of God. “We all join with members of the Living Church of God in renewed prayer that God’s Kingdom come soon, marking the future happy and joyous time when Mrs. Meredith and many thousands like her will be resurrected as the literal children of God into an everlasting Kingdom.”

Mr. Kubik and his wife Beverly plan to attend the December 4th funeral of Mrs. Meredith in North Carolina as representatives of the United Church of God.

Mr. Kubik noted that the death of Mrs. Meredith was “especially poignant, given the fact that Dennis Luker had died in the faith less than a year ago.” Following the death of long-time minister and mutual friend Dibar Apartian, Mr. Luker, then the president of United, visited the headquarters of the Living Church of God before Mr. Luker’s death. Dr. Meredith had worked closely together with Mr. Luker on a number of occasions in their prior shared fellowship.

Prior to the death of Mrs. Meredith, Mr. Kubik had discussed the possibility of the Living Church of God and the United Church of God jointly providing aid to Church members afflicted by the recent typhoon in the Philippines. “We agreed to work together and it is now more fitting than ever that this joint effort should move forward,” Mr. Kubik said.

Victor Kubik
President, United Church of God, an International Association                                                           

Robin Webber
Chairman - UCG Council of Elders